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Whether it is the moment you glance at the ‘positive’ on the pregnancy test or the brush of nausea at the whiff of morning coffee you once adored and anticipated so keenly, pregnancy and parenting can be a daunting and overwhelming.

Personally, I presumed when I only had one child that my next pregnancy and new arrival wouldn’t be as daunting but the reality was different. It still required as much research as my first as I now would have two kids to mind and a toddler to explain all the big changes to.

Parenting in general doesn’t come with a manual but there are many parenting blogs and websites to help us along the way. Here I have featured some of my favouritess which all source informative and efficient material for parents.



Pregnancy updates, Baby and Toddler Development

For both of my pregnancies I loved getting weekly updates about my pregnancy from Babycenter. It is so simple as you can download the app to track your pregnancy by submitting your expected due date. The app will send you notifications on what to expect on specific stages of your pregnancy and if your baby should be now the size of a pea ….or a water melon (inserts scary face emoji!!). These updates don’t end abruptly when you have had your baby and continue to update the development of baby onto toddler.

I really love these updates which come in the form of an email especially for toddler stage. There are fantastic tips on how to cope with tantrums in public (been there, wore the t-shirt) as well as activities and games to suit the age of your child for rainy days.  The websites also have endless information on tips for getting pregnant.


Parenting from an honest mothers perspective

While aimlessly scrolling through my facebook feed a few years ago, I was lucky enough to stumble across a blog which made me laugh then and still does today!

My Little Babog is an Irish parenting blog written honestly by Kellie Kearney. Kellie tells it how it is in such a humorous way that I can be found howling with laughter on the couch while reading her posts. Kellie has had many the experience such as a very unexpected home birth (you have got to read that post), she has 4 children and there is only ten months between two of them. I really like that Kellie is not afraid to blurt out the real hard facts in her posts which is what parents need to read…to feel, well normal!!

Fertility and IVF Blog

I am very lucky to have not had problems with fertility but I do however know this is not the case for everyone. I thought it was necessary to also mention a fertility and IVF blog for anyone looking for information from a mother who has been there and has information on her own experience. Lisa from The Irish Baby Fairy is a midwife, mother of two and shares many posts between infertility and parenting as well as product reviews. For anyone who may be considering IVF abroad, Lisa has written a blog post on her experience in Prague.


A website brought to you by mothers

Just recently I have came across Thinkbaby the website that has it all for mothers, from mothers Zoe, Angela and Josephine. From bassinets to highchairs there are endless baby products covered within the informative website.




For the Mummies with more than one child the website can bring to you DIY ideas for your toddler as well as foolproof ways to survive sleepless nights (yes I have linked that HERE before you all ask..Plea!). Since finding this website I really have enjoyed reading the posts even as a mother I am discovering new tips.


Are there any parenting blogs or websites you would like to recommend as I would love to hear about them.


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