It may seem as if I am blowing my own trumpet (well I kinda am!) but I am really happy with my skin right now. The products I am using are all of good quality and this year I started a programme of Cosmetic Peels at my local salon Embodyment which you will find HERE. My reason for beginning this course of treatments was mainly because I was concerned about Premature ageing. Anti-Ageing is my main skin focus at the moment in my thirties as I am very conscious that how I treat my skin now will affect my ageing in the coming years. I guess you could say I am treating my skin like a bride to be would and that is how we should approach our skin care. Also to bear in mind this is an ideal treatment for a bride to be with the instant results it bears.

Embodyment perform their treatments with extreme professionalism, which is so relaxing…so much so I usually fall asleep! Rachelle O’Connor the proprietor has many years experience in the beauty industry under her belt and her perfectionism is reflected in how she  presents her beautiful establishment based in the heart of Carrick-on-Shannon.

I was delighted when Rachelle asked me along to try out the the Primaluce Exfordiance Treatment by Bioline which is known as a ‘Exfoliating and Sequential skin renewal’.  This treatment is unlike a standard facial as it is more a results driven treatment bearing immediate results. And unlike other cosmetic peels the Primaluce Exfordiance does not cause ‘downtime’ such as peeling and flaking. Instead, your skin is empowered with hydration and illumination as a result of AHA and PHAs.  ‘A,P,H whats?’ I hear you ask…Let me explain!

AHA’s aka Alpha Hydroxy acids are natural acids derived from fruit and milk. These acids act as chemical exfoliants on the skin by looseing and getting rid of dead skin cells. This in turn slows down the ageing process by accelerating the regeneration of new cells, increasing hydration levels, brightening skin by reducing pigmentation and increase collagen levels. Sounds good eh!? I’ll have more of that plllllllease!!


PHA’s are similar to AHA’s in that they also exfoliate but on a gentler level which is more hydrating. The beneficial molecule is larger therefore penetrating the skin more slowly allowing this gentler process. Does that make sense??

Here is my skin at the moment


So if you want to know who this treatment suits best? People who are

-BRIDES!!! Goes without saying, it is the perfect treatment to have your skin at its best by increasing hydration levels and reducing pigmentation and imperfections.

-Suffering problematic and  comedone (blackhead) prone skin

-Concerned about premature ageing, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation

-Mother of the Bride, because you too deserve to look your best on your little girls big day!


You got it! Anyone who wants their skin looking its finest wants this treatment.

Do bear in mind that subsequent to having this treatment you will need to take extreme care against UV rays but that in my opinion is something you should already be doing!

So don’t delay, go book your young skin today!!!

I hope this information was beneficial. If anyone would like to ask any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Celine x







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