April Product Finds

April was a busy month in our household of special occasions from Christenings to weddings. The busier life is the more stress my skin is under so I was really pleased with the products that happened to come my way!

With the Summer approaching, the products I found will definitely feature regularly in my skincare and make-up routines. I love finding products I know I will definitely see out to the last drop and blend so that I really see the value for money as well as the confidence in wearing it.



Initially I purchased this as a simple peach blush for the Summer months. I tend to lean more towards peachy blusher in the Summer months as it pays off by providing a soft healthy glow. After a few days of wearing this on my cheeks for that healthy pop of colour I started to save time by adapting a simple day time look and wearing it also an eyeshadow.  Peaches are soft on the eyes and complement many eye colours. The use of the mono shade for eyes and cheeks gives that Megan Markle simple effortless make-up look which is about soft contour and structure.  The product itself gives effortless colour pay off and in my eyes (excuse the pun) is great value for money at approx €12.




I suffer so much with dry chapped hands even during the Summer months so I always welcome a hand cream with effect and power in its punch. This hand cream in particular has been around a long time and I can’t believe I had never tried it. It is a glycerin enriched formula and believe me when I say it works instantly. Even when my hands are raw, and I really mean burning sensations with open fissures, I can apply the concentrate and within minutes I can feel the relief. It then continues to protect the skin from further irritation. I now apply it every night before bed and by morning my hands feel so soft and smooth.



Being someone with dry skin and premature ageing I love me an nourishing oil! If you are familiar with trilogy you have probably heard of their very popular Certified Organic Rosehip oil. The Rosehip Antioxidant+ contains all the benefits of the Organic Rosehip oil as well as hardworking antioxidants derived from Red berries. It provides the skin with an abundance of hydration thanks to its formulation Rosapene. The oil is also supercharged with essential fatty acids to provide skin with nourishment and its powerful antioxiants  protect the skin from everyday environmental free radical damage. It can be used morning and/night. I personally like to use it in the morning as I feel I get more protection from it as the day passes. Since discovering this I have noted it has improved the hydration and elasticity of my skin. I also feel the texture of my skin has improved so I will without doubt use this to the last drop!



Mascara tends to have the shortest shelf life in the land of make-up. Not just that but they should be changes regularly to avoid bacterial infection and that alone is good enough excuse to throw them out every two months. When I get a mascara with an attractive price point and even more attractive quality I do a little victory dance to myself. This mascara has a clever built int 2in1 expandable brush. You can choose the long brush option giving length, separation and volume. Twist the brush to choose the short option for extra volume and high definition. The latter is my favourite option as I love me some high def. The mascara also works on long and short lashes as well as being long lasting and smudge proof. I have been wearing it now for 4 weeks without flaking and I can honestly say it is well up there in my list of favourite mascaras.



Where to start on the positives of this I don’t know!! I will say when I first pumped this cream out I thought it looked really strange and more mousse like so I was a bit put off. However, never the one to allow waste by unsupported evidence due to superficial first impressions it only took 3 days to change my mind. Ok, so it doesn’t look the nicest when dispensed but oh my does it earn a place on the most used shelf. After the said 3 days I could really see the difference it could make and imagine the potential difference as 3 days is such a short time for a product to prove itself. The line up of ingredients is where it achieves this credibility containing  Frankincense known for skin regeneration. As well as  Boswellic acid which relaxes facial muscles smoothing out lines ( I will have a mug of that I hear you say!). Also the vitamin C content boosts collagen production and tocotrienols protecting skin from UV damage and free radical. Top the the class you are V-cense.


I hope you enjoyed this months product content.

Would you like to see more product reviews like this? Also if there is a product you would like me to review please get in touvh.

Until next time,

Celine x


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