March Top Product Picks


We all go through products we like, love and lust and what I hope to do some more is document them. As a beauty lover I want to bring to you, my readers, the good stuff. I don’t want to talk about the stuff I don’t find so good just to fill the space. Anyways, I am all about positivity!!


Here are my current favourites, as in the ones I cannot do without. As a busy mother, I am all about products with function and practicality. Quick fixes are my saviour, if they look pretty, great. If they don’t, well I am probably too tired to care…who is making me more coffee??! Life is a juggle, I am all about ease. My tops picks for March are all that.


Vichy Mineral 89



To be honest this was a product I hadn’t even heard of until my local pharmacy introduced me to it. This was definitely one of those products which beared instant results and so my first impressions were really positive. This product is ideal for use first thing in the morning to use after cleansing to give your skin an instant surge of hydration before you apply serums or moisturisers. The skin feels plumped and is also protected from everyday pollution.

To explain the product itself it is basically a booster which contains a blend of Vichy’s Thermal Mineralising water (this is extracted from the depths of French volcanoes and contains 15 unique ingredients) and hyaluronic acid (an ingredient responsible for providing hydration to the skin plumping it out and aiding the synthesis of collagen and elastin). The product is known to improve the quality of the skin, strengthen the barrier function (the skin’s natural defense).


After using it for a few weeks I really felt the difference on my skin. As someone who has relatively dry skin, I instantly noticed how much more plumped my skin remained for me throughout the day. I also noticed that as my skin was more hydrated that my make-up looked better on my skin and there was no gathering around fine lines. At an approximate RRP of €22 this product is so well worth it.


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This products claims that you will see results by morning and that you will. Containing an elixir of essential oils and botanicals that your skin will love, the products works hard while you rest revealing radiant skin by morning. Believe me I am a Mammy, my skin knows tired too well.

This is also a non greasy formula which smells devine thanks to the lavender content so you really feel like you are being wrapped in luxury while your skin gains improvements. Again, as I have dry skin with ageing fine lines I really found this fantastic for the hydration levels on my skin most probaly due to its famous ingredients of evening Primrose oil and Omega 6 fatty acids. Overall after a month of use very little of the product has been used and I already see a massive improvement in radiance, hydration, texture and I would go so far as to say I think it looks younger and refreshed.


Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye

To compliment the concentrate I actually treated myself to the eye treatment also as I had been slacking recently on eye contour care and my fine lines were making me pay for it!!

Literally the first night I used this I felt the difference the next morning.  What does it do? Makes your eye are look younger…and that is just it. My fine lines were quite obvious as that area was quite dehydrated. At approx €30 I find this very well priced as eye treatments tend to be pricey.


Flormar Double Radiance Primer

This is an old favourite of mine but I rediscovered my love for it this month. As a result of making a bigger effort on my skin I am definitely not needing as much make-up as I tend to normally use. Therefore with a light layer of radiance before foundation I require even less foundation coverage. The primer gives the skin a beautiful glow and radiance by applying directly to the skin before foundation or by simply mixing with foundation and applying all together. Skin looks brighter and healthier and I can say it will always be a favourite in my make-up bag.


Note Cosmetics BB Cream

Always being someone who wanted to say I was only wearing a BB cream and not full foundation, I can now finally say that. I was never a fan of BB creams. I always felt that they sat patchy on my skin without the coverage my skin required and after many failed attempts I had given up. On hearing so many positive reviews about Note, One in particular from the very trusted Two Broke Divas I decided to give this a whirl. It is ideal for my good skin days where not much coverage is required. It balances skin tone and brightens any dark spots or pigmentation. Skin looks refreshed and as it contains wheatgerm and citrus and grape extract skin is notably radiant. Also contained is Vitamin E while helps restore the skin. This all considered as well as the good coverage it provided is what really impressed me. And guess what, today ‘I am only wearing a BB cream’…skin goals achieved!!!


I hope my post helped some of you who may be looking for similar products.


Did you have any products you discovered this month you would like to share?

I would love to hear about them.


Until next time and thanks for reading,









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