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We have all been there, in the pharmacy exhausted by the array of foundations there are on offer not knowing which one to choose. To be fair, nowadays we are pretty spoiled with choice unlike my teenage days where the choice was slim and by full coverage it meant dousing oneself 6 inches thick with panstick, Yes ladies, I do too still shiver at the thoughts!!!


As I become older and wiser my needs in foundation have certainly changed. I like a fairly good coverage but I also like a it to allow my skin to breathe and still let my skin display radiance. Over the past six months I have been, on a daily basis, trying out my top favourites to bring you this honest review and you can expect more where this has come from. I have been short on make-up related posts as I have been doing this with all aspects of make-up and I promise to regularly update you with new finds and reviews on products.


So for this post I took my top four favourite budget foundations. I did initially have five but I did feel that the fifth product fell short of a deserving place so I went with 4. At the end of each review here will be the rating out of 10.


1. Bourjois City Radiance 

Price approx €12.95

This has been a long time favourite of mine especially in the Summer months. The foundation itself is famous for it’s SPF of 30 and anti-pollution function which helps protect skin while allowing it to breathe. Personally I like it for its ability to  lift and brighten the complexion. It is especially  suitable for dry skin types like mine providing all day hydration. I do find even when my skin is at its dullest that this has the abilityto pick it right back up with all day luminousity.

Where this foundation falls short for me is its durability. While I love how it looks on my skin I do find that it is easy to transfer (especially onto my little darlings faces!) with the skin sometimes feeling slightly tacky. Overall however it will remain a firm favourite despite that.

Rating: 7/10


2. Note Detox and protect foundation

Approx €13.95

When my local pharmacy starting stocking Note cosmetics I was over the moon to say the least and the products have deserved their good reputation. Being someone prone to sensitivity on occasion this foundation sits comfortably on my skin and one of it’s prime feature is to shield the skin. The foundation contains Vitamin E and sweet almond oil both contributing to it’s silky soft feel on the skin. I can honestly confirm this foundation does not budge. I have often applied it at 6 am and by bedtime my foundation would be still perfectly in place.

The only downside to this foundation is that Note Foundations in general could really have a wider range of shades. This foundation has the tendency to oxidise on the skin probably due to its quick drying formula. As a result I find myself having to go a shade down and then the formula darkens on my skin as the day goes on.

Rating 8/10

3. Flormar Perfect coverage foundation

Approx €10.95

Ah yes, perfect coverage it is. This foundation does truly cover perfectly. I first tried this foundation in desperation after forgetting my own foundation on a weekend break and this was all I could find. I can honestly confirm that  it was love on first application! This foundation applies so easily with, as the name says, perfect coverage. Skin looks smooth and with ingredients olive and almond oil extracts it also looks healthy. I can also be assured that while wearing this foundation I am guaranteed the promised 12 hours coverage. The only flaw I can find in this foundation is that if the bottle sits for a while the ingredients seem to settle and the colour can change. So I would prompt you to shake the bottle slightly before each application. But at such affordability shaking the bottle is a small price to pay.

Rating 9/10


4. Note Luminous Moisturising Foundation

Approx €9.95

If ever I found a product to do exactly what it says on the tin it would be this foundation. As I progress through my early 30’s  I am more conscious of my dry skin and sometimes foundation can exasperate the appearance of fine lines. This is so especially when looking for foundation with a decent coverage. Since I discovered this foundation I rarely reach for my luxurious foundations. For me this ticks all of the boxes. The price point being the most attractive. Alongside that your getting a tube of perfection that balances skin tone with a really lovely natural finish. Again referring back to my dry skin, it boasts ingredient content of Sweet almond oil and Macadamia oil providing fatty acids to keep skin hydrated and I always feel my skin looks so much healthier and luminous.  Honestly, like the detox and protect foundation your talking not a budge out of this foundation it looks exactly the same at 10pm as it does at 6am.  With two little ones my face gets mauled….a lot…and yet this foundation stands the test of time and little hands!

The only downfall is again the shortage of shades in the range but this is probably more a compliment to the brand that they need to extend the range.

Without hesitation I can guarantee a 10/10 rating for this foundation and really do believe it will excel as an iconic product in years to come.


I really hope this post has helped anyone on the hunt for a new budget foundation. I am really looking forward to bringing you more product reviews.


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    First of all you are really very beautiful and I just love the way you carry your makeup. Thanks for sharing this and I must say this is very impressive guide.

    • celinehughes
      August 16, 2018 / 11:53 am

      Thank you so much delighted you rnjoyed this. Make-up is part of my everyday routine so I love sharing my experience of it

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