5 Minute Make-Up Routine

So my first born started preschool this week. Ok so let’s pretend that I am totally OK with this and not still blubbering into my coffee cup about how everyone told me the time would go so quick and well….I didn’t really believe them.

Now, let’s reverse and go back to life before kids.

There was I thinking those people who said time went by so quick with kids were maybe just exaggerating, a little bit. Like, here these people were also trying to tell me they found it challenging to get their make-up on in the morning and get the kids ready…Really??? I genuinely thought it was just an excuse as much as I hate to admit it now. I always say it, I was always  busy before kids. I was busy but life with kids is a whole different busy. It really is a case of shaving time of the luxuries you were used to doing to stop mini humans from eating the toilet roll while preventing the  extraction of the entire tube of tooth paste right into your handbag…

So yes, two beautiful children later I am one of those people I formerly promised myself to not be. Every mutter of ‘I don’t have the time’ of that person.

Sure it will be fine I said, I will have loads of time to put on my make-up.

But look, we get through it and I do get the make-up on but I sure do only have 5 minutes. Here’s a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

*If you can at all or if your schedule allows, do your make-up before your kids awaken (with a coffee for all the trimmings)  – I do understand this is not possible for everyone.

*Routine –  you will most likely have a routine for your kids. Include your make-up into your morning routine and your kids will know what to expect and that ‘this is the time Mammy puts her make-up on’. I find the kids always are more co-operative when they know what to expect next and the toilet roll gets less attractive!!!

*Tint – having your brows and lashes tinted requires less brow product and mascara and therefore less time is needed applying make-up. If you find getting to the salon is another impossibility try out the home tinting kits. I recently did a tutorial on home tinting on my snapchat which so many enjoyed and then went out to purchase their own kits and have since reported great success! These can be purchased in pharmacies and boots. Practise will make perfect!!

*Make-up Bag – Prepare your make-up bag with only the 5 for 6 items you will definitely use. These can change month to month but keep only the basics you need in there. Anything more in there is distracting and will take from your already scarce time. You can change products that you tire off but only replace them one by one as using a new product can take a little extra time to perfect.

Here are the items I am currently using. They are simple to use and effective and my make-up really does only take 5 minutes. I have also named below the products in the sequence I use them in (routine!!)

NOTE Luminous Foundation: My extremely dry skin welcomes this foundation with open arms. At approx €9.95 you are getting a foundation with spf for day use (no need to apply a seperate spf so speeds things up). The finish is natural and dewy  and highly moisturising thanks to the sweet almond oil it contains.

Brushes: As a typical make-up artist I have way too many foundation brushes. As a mammy I use The Click N Makeup ))! Michaela Brush 001

NOTE Mineral Concealer: I am pretty fussy about eye contour concealers. I the Queen of dark circles (thanks kids)  needs coverage and comfort for my eye contour. This does all that. The formula of this product doesn’t sit in my fines and brightens my eye area. The formula hosts impressive ingredients such as coral seaweed containing calcium, zinc and magnesium providing care for the eye contour. I generally use my finger to apply this and then blend with my foundation brush.

Paese Loose Mineral Powder:

I have only recently discovered this product and am totally blown away by it. My dry skin has a love/hate relationship with finishing powders. I find it hard to keep my skin looking dewy and still gain the benefits of a finishing powder. This has been my saviour and I am delighted with the result.

Brush: At the moment I gently tap a little of this powder on areas i need it most with a Click N Makeup Powder brush 004.

Sleek Makeup Faceform Palette: 

I have been using this product as part of my daily routine for a while. To suit my tone I use the Light one. Generally for weekday makeup I use the blush and highlight. A quick layer of blush and highlight totally lifts the look and gives the face shape and structure lifiting any dullness. If I have an extra few minutes I can even use the contour shade as an eyeshadow and it works so well for me.

Brush: I use the Blank canvas FO4 for applying both the blush and highlight.

Flormar Triple action 3 in 1 mascara:

In theory, this is 3 mascaras in one. The wand allows the user to alternate between lengthening, curling and volumising mascaras. It took me a while to decide if I really liked this mascara or the novelty (the packaging is also quite attrative). . I start on my right eye, go to the left and back again to my right and left and I quickly have a non flaking volumising mascara at only €9.95. Result!!

Sleek Makeup Brow kit in light:

Another Sleek Product which hasn’t left my must list. I love the shade and the easy use formula of this product. The kit comprises of a shaping wax which can then be set using the same coloured powder and is therefore user friendly.

Brush: My favourite brush for brow products has to be the Inglot 17TL brush.


NOTE Long wearing lipgloss in Pink Berry:

Being honest I would be lying if I said this lipgloss was true to name. I really don’t find it long wearing. However, for a gloss finish it does pretty OK. Overall though, I have extremely dry lips and this product suits them really well. It will in no way contribute to the dryness and will in fact help to nourish them as it contains Macadamia oil. So yes I will have all of the shades please!

I would love to hear what your favourite time saving products are. Go on, spill the beans we are all riding this rollercoaster together!


Until next time,

Celine x



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