Make-Up to go – My top 3 Starter brush sets

The world of make-up can be daunting. Let’s
be real it gives some the heebee jeebies!  If you are a makeup novice you have to start somewhere. The choice of makeup alone is mind boggling without then having to find the correct brushes to apply it with. The choices are endless. Ok, so it easy for me as  a makeup artist I do own a lot of makeup brushes. But I do understand THE FEAR! Every make-up application I have done has seen me give advice on make-up brushes and how and where to start off. Fortunately, the ever growing make-up industry is allowing us have the choices of many starter kits. Always the one to support Irish it is a pleasure to be able to source these from Irish companies and see this industry thrive within our own humble isle.

When it comes to starting off I would always suggest starting simple. By doing so, there is less confusion. Too many brushes with different looks and different uses will confuse and the interest will be lost. I always suggest a good starter kit to get to grips with the brushes and application and to then add to your collection the more confident you become.

Here I have compiled my top 3 makeup brush sets to help get the ball rolling to apply makeup in a jiffy. Again, I’ve narrowed it down and kept it simple to include just three so not to bambozzle your mind with hundreds of brushes.  These sets are all high quality and well priced, straightforward and will easily transition you to the world of makeup. Also, for those more confident with warpaint will love these sets.

  1. AYU 5Pc Gold travel set

This post was inspired by this set alone.  The set is a travel set bearing shorter handles but don’t let that put you off. The set has everything you will need for an everyday makeup. The brush heads themselves are standard  sized bearing exceptional quality and what’s more the pricing is majorly attractive. In fact I couldn’t believe my eyes when I seen the price for a set which produces such a good makeup finish. It contains a buffer brush which is excellent for foundation. An angled blush/contour brush, a blender brush, a Pro blender brush which is one of the nicest blending brushes I have used and an angled liner brush. This set looks beautiful and luxurious  and makes an ideal gift for a makeup lover or someone developing an interest.

Have a look at these gorgeous brushes for yourself


2. CLICK N MAKEUP 8pc pastel pink  professional brush collection

This beautiful set is not only eye catching but fantastic quality to boot. Not are these brushes attractive but also suitable for multi use. It contains a buffer brush which after serial use from yours truly has yet to shed a hair.  The brushes are packaged in a beautiful rose gold cup holder to compliment the rose gold brush ferrules allowing easy on the go use. Other brushes contained in the set include a brow brush, eyeliner brush, eye smudged brush, eye shader brush, eye blending brush, powder and sculpt brush, and  face and powder brush. See these brushes yourself


3. Blank Canvas 5 piece set #2

Another fantastic set this includes the iconic F20 flat buffer brush which is a fantastic foundation and powder brush. The F21 brush is ideal for contour/blush. E25 and E 26 are two famous eye brushes by blank canvas and provide a fool proof blend for any makeup novice and last but by no means least a double ended brow brush. Again, we are talking high quality brushes at a good price point and will last you as long as you look after them.

So there you have it made easy. You cant go wrong with any of the sets mentioned and the brushes in each of them will always be included in my must haves.

I am loving the feedback I have been getting from you all so please keep it coming as it inspires future posts and keeps me informed of what my followers want to see most. And as always it is very much appreciated.

Celine x



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