Shade your babe – Tips for keeping little ones safe in the sun


‘We will go on holidays’ they said….’sure it will be grand, we are only just translucent’ – but it was ‘grand’ after all….in fact, it was awesome.


This Summer we headed off on our holidays, this time as a family of four. The excitement when we had it all booked was indescribable. My mind and body were screaming out for some fun,  sun and Vitamin D. But, with two smallies in tow (very nearly 3 year old and 7 month old) I did think ‘are we mad trying to protect them in Portuguese sunshine and heat’, ‘Oh maybe it’s all too much hassle’, ‘Ah sure next year they will be bigger’.  I pushed my  anxious voice right out and decided we needed this holiday and went on my merry way to  make some clever purchases to keep them both safe and comfortable. Kids really are so resilient with a massive appetite for adventure.  I just find it is easy to assume it is too much hassle to go abroad but to be honest it is the same planning as a staycation –  That said we do love a staycation.  But the Hughes’ needed sunshine! So off we jetted and we had the most amazing time of love, laughs and memories to cherish. I have compiled in this post the products which stood out to me as essentials for keeping the kids comfortable while giving me peace of mind.


First up, as obvious as it seems protective swimwear is a must. My three year old pretty much spent all day long in the pool. All day, every day. She really is so fair and needed swimwear to protect her delicate skin but which was also comfortable enough to play and run about like a three year old does. This protective sun two piece was an absolute must. With built in UV protection I had that extra peace of mind that she was safe. I also found that being a two piece was much easier for quick toilet breaks!



So not only do I have extremely fair skinned children but I have extremely sensitive fair skinned children. Both of my little girls are prone to eczema especially my three year old. Skin care products scare the life out of me. We done our absolute best to relieve her skin of the discomfort of eczema, the thoughts of one use of a product to set us back months is terrifying. Sun care products are particularly reactive on her now itch free skin. La Roche Posay had me covered though with their Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics Multi position spray.

This clever Mama friendly product made it so easy to succeed at the task of application ( I am yet to meet a child who co-operates for sun cream application) with its fine continuous distribution. The spray is also white so to ensure you do not miss any areas of precious skin. It was so gentle on both girls as I dreaded a skin flare up but I had nothing to fear.

Now, as any parent understands toddlers under no circumstances can be asked to leave the pool and get dried for another sun screen top up!! Like seriously?!? The mere idea is worthy of the loudest, limb flailing , parent embarrassing meltdown imaginable. So why even go there! Again, La Roche Posay had us covered. Their Wet skin gel lotion means a quick sun screen top up without drying, without fuss and without tantrums. Instant winner as not one parents ego was damaged during pool side application!


Bringing a 7 month old to the beach can defeat the purpose as one spends so much time keeping them covered. I decided before we left that a beach tent would be the best option. My bambino would be able to play with her toys and keep cool while her bigger sister built sandcastles and  collected shells …millions of shells!!!

Mothercare had this great tent with built in UV protection. It literally pops up and folds extremely compact. I also used it beside the pool to let her sit in with her toys and yet keep her shaded. For extra comfort I put a little fan inside to keep her cool. The fan was from Jojo Maman bebe and is so soft that even when she thought it was a toy to grab it would in no way harm her.



I always found in the sun even with only one child, keeping them shaded in a buggy was impossible. While holidaying, buggy time, for parents, means time to stroll to take things in, discover somewhere different to eat…in peace. We all for hope for the troops to climb in, sit back and enjoy the ride. We do not want to hear ‘the sun is in my eyes’, ‘I’m too hot’ . I am yet to meet a buggy or a buggy umbrella for that matter that actually blocks out the sun. I always found with the umbrellas that hubby was pushing the buggy while I had to walk stooped with the buggy umbrella in hand constantly changing its position to only fractionally cover the passenger. After research I came across the Outlook Shade-a-babe. This is a sun and sleep shade which blocks out sun rays, creates shaded sleep environment. It is also a mesh cover  letting in lots of air and also allows the child to see out. It  was also a great fit for my three wheel stroller and comes in a double version. Yes that is my daughters feet you can see in the pic, she has a thing about her feet being out!!

Overall we had a massive success with no sunburn or sun exhaustion. We can not be careful enough with little ones skin. It is not only for now but safeguarding their future skin heath and also developing their heath skin attitudes.

I would love to hear if you would be interested in reading a post about where we went etc. I will also work on a post about flying with children and babies. I know I have recently neglected the blog but here is hoping I am back on a roll.

Bye for now,

Celine x


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    This is such a beautiful blog. Loved reading. Thanks!

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