What I’ve packed in my maternity hospital Bag



So this is pretty standard in so far as whatever hospital you are attending will have probably given you a list of what they suggest you should pack. What does go into your bag will depend on the type of person you are (some people are strong, they can pack light. I am not one of those much to the disappointment of my hubby!).  I like seeing what others have packed in theirs therefore the prompt to write this post. On my first baby I pretty much followed the hospital recommendation but I was definitely ‘doing without’. With a five night stay at the time I could have certainly done with some things to make it more homely for me! Although I will point out I am the type of person you could bring camping until I get there and realise there is no extremely hot water and a vast selection of toiletries and then Im turning my heels for home…yes If I ever get stranded on a desert island I am well and truly screwed!!!


To start, I will say do this early. You want to be focused and not rushing it.  I found starting at week 30 and collecting and building the stash up to week 36 put a plan in place, your conscious of what to look out for in offers at the supermarket and what you need to order online.

Next thing, I will say is have the bag itself organised. Individually pack everything in see through bags that are labelled (I will explain this process as we go). You want to have everything to hand. Nobody knows how mobile they will be after a birth ( I was glued to the bed) and you could be relying on your partner to take things out as you need them. And cut the men some slack, they are probably more shocked than you without expecting them to know the difference between a nappy and a maternity pad!!


You also want to divide the bags up in labour bag, hospital bag and baby bag to leave for easy finding. No harm in giving your partner a tour as to which is which. If you have had a caesarean delivery chances are you will be quite drugged up and maybe a little confused too.


Labour bag

Birth plan

Tens machine (if using)

Relaxing music/earphones (also if needed )

Healthy energetic snacks


Comfy extra sized nightie

warm bed socks

Slippers (Soled slippers with a back are best, you might not be too steady on your feet)

Light dressing gown

Sports cap bottle of water


Hair bobbins

A fresh change of clothes and toiletries

Lip Balm

Camera/phone for taking pics

Babies first outfit (vest, babygro,nappy, hat, mittens, cardigan, socks)

Face mist (I am packing my Yonka Lotion as its a therapeutic aromatic mist)

Pack a laundry bag in here as most things you will be sending home


So for the first outfit I have packed a girls and a boys outfit. In my baby bag I have complete outfits packed into clear ziplock bags.  I breastfed last time and hope to again this time. Every nappy change resulted in a complete outfit change for the first few gos….I don’t need to explain!! And if unsure google newborn nappies!! So in the clear ziplock bags each were packed with a nappy, vest and baby gro. Then in a seperate bag at home for Dad was ‘extras bag’ with extras of these. Basically at home I had extras of everything so that if it was needed it was there for Dad to put his hand to. Don’t worry they wont go to waste as you can always use these when you get home.



6-8 babygros (if your breastfeeding there may be a lot of nappy explosions so come prepared with extras)

6-8 long sleeved vests (winter baby)

6-8 bibs (also packed in a clear ziplock)

6-8 Muslin clothes (also packed in clear zip lock)

Hand Sanitising gel, disinfectant wipes, nappy change cream, nappy bags, cotton wool all packed in one zip bag for nappy changes

A plastic bowl for holding water for nappy chages (I use pure cotton wool and water for the first few weeks)

2 baby towels

baby sponge

Cot sheet

2 Cellular blankets

feeding pillow ( I like to bring my own for comfort and familiarity)

2 hats





A few things for hubby (extra top, toothbrush, deodorant, snacks)

2 Packs of maternity pads (the heavy duty medicare brand are best) and extra in the extras bag!

2 dark towels

2-3 loose fitting pjs or button front nighties ( more extras in the extras bag)

8-10 pairs of MASSIVE dark knickers

flip flops ( you will want these for the shower)


Laundry bag

Hairdryer and hairbrush

Multi mam compresses, multi mam balm and breastpads all packed together in a clear bag for practicality

Arnica tablets

Make-up bag ( I will do a post of what is in my make-up bag)

2 nursing bras


Phone charger

shower cap

Witch hazel

Mini toiletries (dry shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, body lotion, deodrant)

Skincare bag (cleanser, moisuturiser, toner, serum, eyecream – I have all in mini versions)

Earplugs if your sensitive to noise

Eye mask ( there can be a lot of lights on in the hospital)

Notepad or if you have a notes section on your phone to record dirty/wet nappies and feeds

A comfortable outfit for going home (I’m a blouse, vest, leggings and flats)


A little pressie for my baby at home when she comes to see me. A present from me and a present from her new sibling

Carseat with a integrated footmuff for my winter baba. I will have already fitted the isofix base.

Coat which Dad will bring to hospital for my exit!


So there you have it. It seems pretty extended but after an unexpected prolonged hospital stay I feel that this time I couldn’t dp without. Anything I don’t use in hospital I will certainly use at home. I can always send things home with hubby as he won’t have enough to do looking after the toddler at home!!


I hope this is of help to anyone else packing an exciting maternity hosptial bag! Also if you have any recommendations leave a comment. I love new ideas!!!








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