Bellamianta Rapid mousse tan and Tan eraser mitt – The dream team in tanning



It has been so long since I did a blog post. With Summer weddings and our own holidays there was so much going on. I am also finding myself a lot more tired this pregnancy. I am now 6 months pregnant and while it has flew I am quite exhausted. Having a two year old to run after (and she rarely stops!) and being pregnant is  the best sleep inducer going!

So anyone who might follow me on snapchat (username: celine_charles) will have seen a few months back that I was having problems with tan adhering to my skin. This is a common pregnancy complaint whereby your skin can react and misbehave, basically do the opposite of what you want it to do. The desired post tan result of bronzed babe was more so in reality a blue banshee….tan was just not taking to my skin.


After a few weeks of seeing several snapchatters, bloggers and models looking like they had stepped just right off a balmy tropical island I decided it was time I try out what they were all trying…Bellamianta tan. I also seen that Tara makeup had been using the Tan eraser mitt to prep her skin for tan application so I took my excited self to my local pharmacy to pick both of these essentials up.


First of all the Tan eraser mitt had me smiling. I always love myself a good tan and I must admit I am a self confessed tan addict who doesn’t particularly love the prep bit (ok lets be real, I hate it). I had heard great promises from the mitt of easy use, quick, removes stubborn old tan. Well, was I impressed??! A quick shower, and a rapid scrub with the mitt and hey presto…It really, genuinely removes old tan. There are tow sides to the mitt, a pink side which is less exfoliating and which I did first all over. Then with the black side you focus on the areas of stubborn tan build up. I was so impressed by the minimal fuss the tan provides, your just talking a shower with a bit of a rub of a glove and the tan is gone!! I did this for two nights in a row (second night it was barely required) and believe me I was as blue as the day I was born. There was not a trace of old tan and my skin was as smooth as I had ever seen it.



So onto the tan. I forgot to mention that I had also purchased the Bellamianta luxury mitt when getting the tan. I must say, Luxury it is definitely all that. The mitt is dressed to impress with the cuddly soft velvet feel and a thumb which is a game changer in tanning mitts. When one applies the tan to the mitt and onto skin, the tan easily glides and doesn’t end up all clogged up in the mitt. The tan itself ( I use the mousse version) when it comes out of the bottle is a beautiful deep colour. It is therefore so easy to see and it really does not take much product to tan the skin. You can see on every stroke the shade, position and depth of the tan. When you have applied it to the skin, you are left with an immediate ‘I just arrived back from the Bahamas’ Golden Olive tan. The packaging does state that it ‘dries in 60 seconds’. This, well was unfortnately not the case for me. It definitely does not dry quickly on my body whatsoever. However, the beautiful golden olive shade that met me in the mirror ,definitely made up for a slow drying tan. After all, it is the end result we are most worried about!


(image shows tan versus no tan)

Another positive to this tan is its smell, or should I say lack of. It is definitely not  an overbearing tan smell and one even a smell sensitive pregnant woman can deal with. Bellamianta mousse also develops for me in 4 hours which means if I tan in the evening, then I don’t have to wear the tan to bed, phew. Overall, it is a fantastic tan. The wear off is even and in no way patchy, The deep colour will last a definite 5 days. It also did so well in impressing me that it made the cut when prepping for my holidays. I applied the mousse the day before we travelled and over the two weeks away  I topped up with it three times (I am not a natural golden goddess, refer back to my state of blue!). It was easy to apply and withstood the test of sun lotions, chlorine and sand. With another few months of pregnancy to go it is safe to say I will be turning many times to this tan for a pick me up!






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