Beauty Routine in fast forward!

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved make-up and all things beauty. Her spare time was consumed with a life in slow motion of contouring, long showers, spa days and there was all the time in the world. Then she had a baby…..

Nobody said I would never have a minute again??? It’s hard when you become a Mum to motivate yourself to wear nice clothes and have some make-up on. Exhaustion, stress and general every days busyness leaves very little in any Mum. But, to be honest there are times that if I didn’t have a few nice blouses in the wardrobe and some make-up to thrown on my tired face that I would be close to going insane.

And no, I didn’t have one of those babies that did a full nights sleep after 6 weeks and is still sleeping through. Far from it in fact. I breastfed from day one so I went from feeding every hour to three hours back to every hour and a half at 6 months old.  My poor little princess also had silent reflux so there was many the day when I wasn’t feeding, I was walking a screaming baby in pain trying every way possible to comfort her and sometimes reducing to tears myself. When I got a quiet 5  minutes I would settle her onto a cocoonababy where I could see her, jump in the shower and even get a layer of foundation and mascara to be just me again. I breastfed for 16 months, 15 of those months were with broken sleep of no more than three hours a sleep cycle but I still never left the house without being showered, some make-up on and fresh clothes. Why did I do that? Well, why shouldn’t I want to feel good? I might be a Mum now but I still feel the right to deserve feeling good about my appearance. Sitting in my lounge clothes unwashed was not going to make me feel good about myself.  I also believe when kids see their parents take pride in their appearance they too will take pride in their own.


In saying that, when my daughter was a small baby  on the days were reflux was having a break it was nearly easier get my face on. Now, with a toddler on the go it is definitely harder to grab 5 minutes. Toddlers move fast, really fast. They can destruct in a hand swipe and find hiding spaces that nobody even knew existed. Trying to apply make-up in their presence involves a tactful approach. There are times when you may have to say goodbye to a bitten lipstick and a broken eyeshadow palette. Or even a good brush that ends up in the loo needs to be binned. It’s reality! It’s hard but I shall not be defeated.

I have about one tenth of the time I used to but there are ways to still bring out that part of me in there!!


Here are how I achieve all my beauty must in less time…Somehow…


I do, and always did, even with a small baby, at least once a week put on my tan. At least for the days where there may have been too much chaos to put on make-up,  I would have some form of glow to keep me looking slightly human. What I really love about tan, no matter what you put on to cloth yourself you will appear more toned and more healthy. It definitely is a quick route to feeling better about yourself. For the last two years I have been using Cocoa Brown to tan. It is a mousse so it very easily applied with a mitt. Its cheap but excellent quality, quick drying, develops quickly, basically it is the ideal tan for tired Mamas. It also wears very evenly so no busy Mum is spending a night scrubbing off tan in the bathroom.



Yes we all have an endless queue of clothes at the washing machine,a backlog of ironing, a messy room, etc etc. Nobody is perfect if they try to portray that they are they are lying. Before I had my daughter, everything had to be ironed, pjs, undersheets, every top, basically everything, Now to reduce time wasted ironing, I have made a rule that it only gets ironed if it is visibly creased. I also was one for folding underwear and my folding has to be smooth side out which takes a ridiculous amount of time. Therefore, my smalls don’t get folded no more and its quicker to hang things up so I have made extra rail space. Now there is more time to at least wash my hair and drop a dry shampoo day.



It happens us all, we say ‘I will get up before she wakens and have my shower, blowdry my hair’, low and behold, their awake before you. Ok, well then we need a plan to entertain them during this time. This is definitely the time where I have a guilt free handing over of my phone with Peppa Pig on the go. I get my shower, quickly dry my hair and a quick makeup on and Holly gets to watch her favourite pink pig. Nobody complains and I don’t think I am a bad mother for it!



Recently on snapchat I did a quick make-up look which I then copied to my facebook page. It was a quick make-up in 5 minutes and it got over 20,000 views. I have been promising another which I will do soon! I have loads of these quick make-up looks and I just alternate them so that I don’t always look the same. But here is what I do to achieve them.

  • I use minimal products and brushes, I try and use no more than 2 brushes on the eyes and when I am really rushing one of those said brushes can be eliminated from the look. If I need a quick highlight sometimes I will just use my fingers.
  • I also try use a palettes rather than individual pieces for quicker use. That is why I love the Pippa Palette as you have contour, blush, highlight and eye colours all in one palette, it’s pretty genius.
  • Yes I have hundreds of make-up products but to root through them would take forever. Instead, I pack a small make-up bag with the few quick essentials so everything is there for easy access and quick use. I also do the same with my skincare so that it is all quick to hand and done in a jiffy.



As with anything preparation is key. Mornings are always madness with kids because everyone is hungry, everyone has to get dressed and there is always somewhere to go.  I reduce morning stress by laying out clothes the night before (sometimes I will do it on a Sunday for the week ahead if it is pretty hectic). For busy mornings, I also have cereal in bowls and wrapped with cling or overnight oats prepared so that I won’t have an excuse to not wash my hair.


They seem like small things but they have saved me a lot of time. There will still be days when teething will play havoc but for the good days having a routine and a plan in place helps.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Celine x






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