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So anyone who knows me, or who follows me on snapchat will be aware about my passion for skincare. As a teenager I experienced bouts of acne and developed a sense of awareness of skincare products from a very young age. I constantly preach good skincare…we are only given one face and unfortunately it certainly doesn’t get any younger!! I also regularly get asked about my skincare routine so I have decided to do a blog post on it. Bear in mind, this is my current routine and that I am constantly changing the products that I use. I always like to try out a new innovative product and if I like it, it stays in my skincare routine. You will notice that I do use a lot of YONKA skincare. When I had my salon I stocked Yonka and loved it so as I know quite a bit about the products I tend to use a lot of it.

So I will start at cleansing. I use Yonka Gel nettoyant. As I tend to have sensitive eyes and sometimes skin I find this a really nice cleansing option. Its a clever cleanser in so far as it removes eye make-up, cleanses and can also be used in the shower. I have a massive bottle as its the professional version which I got for myself from the salon but the retail version is used a smaller size. It’s fresh, cleansing as for a gel it doesn’t leave the skin tight.



My toner (which is actually more a conditioner) is Yonka Lotion. This is fresh phyto-aromatic lotion is a healing water and is so refreshing. I spray in on after cleansing and sometimes if my skin feels tight throughout the day I spray it on….yes over my make-up. It does not harm and if anything I get a whole body lift. Both cleansing and toning I do every night.


For daytime moisturising, I currently use Yonka Fruitelia PS (for dry skin). Yes I am definitely now the wrong side of 30 so I need all the anti- ageing care I can get. This moisturiser has a satin feel and is beautifully light for an anti-ageing formula. The active ingredients are AHA’s naturally derived from fruit acids. They smooth lines and wrinkles stimulating the epidermis. As a result of the fruit acids skin feels fresh and bright and I really like that a little goes a long way with this product.



At night, I always cleanse and tone. Every third night I use my exfoliator Yonka Gommage 305. This is exfoliating, hydrating, purifying and soothing and suits my dry, sometimes sensitive, breakout prone skin. What I really like about this exfoliator is that it is gentle enough to use around the eye contour and lips so I can tackle the pesky lines forming in those areas.



Twice a week after my exfoliator I use a purifying masque to tackle unwanted oils and blackheads. Masque 105 by Yonka does just this. It is a 3 clay detoxifying masque, brightens the skin, tightens the pores and purifies. I leave it on for 20 minutes and then spray my Yonka lotion over it to remove it. It is an ideal treatment masque for soaking in the bath and refreshing with the lotion….when I get the chance!!



Three nights a week I use my favourite skin care treatment of all time. Glamglow Thirsty mud. I am a massive Glamglow fan and also love all of the other treatments in the Glamglow family. They are quick acting, easy to use, nicely packaged and most of all intensely effective. ┬áThirsty mud is a skin saviour hydrating treatment. Wait for it…It hydrates, restores, moisturises, calms, and replenishes the skin. I leave it on all night and when I wake I really do instantly feel the restoration in my skin. I’m so convinced I would look at least 50 without the revelation of this facial in a jar.



So I have quite unfortunate eyes. They are lined, puffy, dark, sensitive, basically all the qualities you don’t want in your eyes I somehow achieved!! Therefore, it does leave it quite difficult to find a product that fixes without making them worse. At the moment I am loving Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl. This is an eye serum providing a youthful, brighter look. It’s not cheap but it definitely is worth its price. It is light but extremely comforting and the skin around my eyes does seem brighter and more smooth since I started using it.



Every night before the treatment I am put on, I spread one pump of Loreal Derma Genesis serum concentrate over my skin. This serum contains Hyaluronic acid (which is a humectant, gives skin a natural glow and helps plumping) a must for ageing skin!


So next what I do is quite strange. For a night time moisturiser I actually use an intense anti-age day cream. Yonka Stimulatine Jour is a day cream for mature skin but I actually love it as a repairing treatment for my skin at night. For more mature skins you can use this as a day cream and then the more intense Stimulatine Nuit at night. But for now at my stage I like the day product at night. Yes I know, confusing!!


This is a restructuring formula which I just find suits my premature ageing skin. My skin has aged dramatically since I gave birth from 20 months ago from lack of sleep!! Other Mamas will understand this concept!

I love the silky texture of this moisturiser and what is more it counteracts the breakdown in Elastin of the skin reducing wrinkles by 64%. Yes as previously stated I need all the help I can get!! So there you have it. My current skincare routine. I regularly chat about skincare on snapchat so if you would like to keep updated give me a follow

Username: celine_charles

I hope you all enjoyed this post,

Celine x


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    March 9, 2016 / 10:12 pm

    Great post Celine

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