How I stay healthy?

One thing a lot of people ask me, outside of make-up and skincare,  (without sounding like I am blowing my own trumpet) is how do I stay slim.

The only way I answer is ‘I try to stay healthy’. Yes, I am human, I love the odd binge and sugar fix and am known for even a second Cadbury’s creme egg….But 95% of the time I focus on being healthy. I don’t do diets, I don’t do life without carbs, I eat what I want. In my daily diet I focus on plant based food that is not processed and I find this is the key. I make all my meals from fresh produce and include fruit and veg in every meal, when I am hungry I look to fruit/veg first.  Adding processed foods to any diet adds trans fats and hidden sugars and before you know it you have consumed a days worth of calories in one meal….not so nice eh?



I will always and I mean always eat breakfast. As we always hear ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and its true. By not cutting out breakfast we are cutting out  sugar cravings that will result by mid morning after a long fast and low blood sugars. I also eat regularly every 3-4 hours. This way I maintain desired blood sugar levels and again prevent those pesky sugar cravings. Breakfast when there are children involved  needs to be dished out quick. We will usually have a wholegrain cereal such a porridge or weetabix with fruit or something quick such as eggs on wholegrain toast. In my day, I try to drink 2-3 litres of water. Sometimes, we confuse hunger with thirst and that way we end up adding calories unnecessarily. Drinking water also results in healthy skin so its a winner.


Being a Mum I think it’s important to lead my example so I take pride in Holly seeing her Mummy and Daddy leading healthy lifestyles. My husband and I alternate our exercise evenings so we head out to either a class or for a run when the other is ‘on duty’. Yes, it is hard with a toddler to commit to classes as who knows what any given evening can have in store so I do a lot of running and it gives me the headspace, fresh air and endorphins I need.  During the day, I always try to bring Holly for a walk so that we get out together and that she experiences the benefits of exercise. For the days I might not get out, I always try do a home workout if possible. We always try go on an excursion as a family or a roadtrip to the beach which is fun, a day out, a long walk and fresh air. in that way, a treat is a day out or a fun activity, rather than treats being a trip to the sweet shop.

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My kitchen is full of healthy recipes and I always ensure we eat together as a family at least once a day. It’s important to me and for us to all engage over home cooked food. I think they appreciate it!!!

Personally, it can be hard to find healthy recipes. My favourite inspiration is another Irish Mammy/Blogger Momfitness Diary. Her recipes are clean, realistic and family friendly and I hope to some day be as healthy as she is!! I really look to her blog for daily inspo and her snapchat is always so interesting. You all need to try her energy balls!!!

I guess what works for me is that I am realistic in my goals. Before I had my baby I worked out every day, sometimes twice. My priorities are now different but health still remains a priority.

Small changes go a long way,  making health a priority helps the pounds to shift!


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